“The Essential 55”

1) Always say yes ma’am or no sir when responding to an adult.

2) Make eye contact with the person you are talking to.

3) If another team wins, always clap for at least 3 seconds.

4) Respect other students’ comments, opinions, and ideas

5) If you win, DO NOT brag; if you lose, DO NOT show anger.

6) If someone asks you a question during a conversation, ask them a question also.

7) Turn your head the other direction when you burp or sneeze.

8) Do NOT show signs of disrespect, such as rolling your eyes.

9) ALWAYS say thank you when you are given something.

10) When you are given something, NEVER insult the gift giver.

11) Surprise others by performing random acts of kindness

12) Be honest!

13) Follow along when we read together in class

14) Answer all written questions with a complete sentence

15) You should be good and try your best because you are trying to better yourself, not because you expect a reward.

16) You must complete your homework every day

17) Subject transitions will be swift, quiet, and orderly

18) Be as organized as possible

19) When I assign homework, there should be NO moaning or complaining.

20) When a substitute teacher is present, all class rules still apply.

21) Follow the specific classroom rules.

22) You may bring a bottle of water to class, but you MAY NOT get up for a drink of water while I am teaching.

23) Learn the names of other teachers in the school.

24) Flush the toilet and wash your hands after using the restroom.

25) Greet visitors and make them feel welcome.

26) Do NOT save seats at lunch or in line.

27) Do not stare at a student who is being disciplined.

28) Remember to be the BEST person you can be.


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