MR. Kevin J Beck 
Technology Director
Phone: 478-934-2821

MR. Tim Knight 
Technology Specialist
Phone: 478-934-2821



The Department of Technology Resources strives to provide teachers and staff with the technology resources needed to complete work tasks and improve student learning. The use of technology permeates all aspects of personal and professional lives and is now a vital part of every day life. The Bleckley county school district supports a 1Gbps fiber optic wide area network (WAN) with 15 servers and approximately 950 desktops. In addition to classroom computers, each school has at least one computer lab.  Typically, elementary students attend the computer labs one time per week for 30 minutes.

Teachers and administrative staff also use our student information system (PowerSchool) to manage attendance, grade reporting, and student demographic information. Additionally, numerous instructional software programs are used in every school to enhance learning and reinforce curriculum concepts.

The technology department works to maintain local area and wide area networks by enhancing data wiring and networking equipment. Internet filtering software is used in an attempt to protect students and staff from exposure to inappropriate material.  Bleckley County Schools' "Internet Acceptable Use Policy" is a document that outlines acceptable uses of the internet. Employees and students are expected to abide by the policies outlined in this document.

The integration of technology into the curriculum is a priority. The goal of the technology department is to help teachers identify ways to enhance their curricula goals with the use of technology and improve their personal productivity by utilizing technology tools.  To help achieve these goals, various technology-related professional learning opportunities are offered to teachers

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