MGSU Nursing Students Present STRANGER DANGER at BCLC

Middle Georgia State University Nursing Students, Catherine Sanders, Vivian Bryant, and Victoria Turnell visited Pre-K classrooms and presented their project on STRANGER DANGER. It is important for young children to learn to personal safety tips that will prevent them from getting into a dangerous situation with a stranger or acquaintance with harmful intentions.  Some of the safety tips Ms. Sanders, Ms. Bryant and Ms. Turnell presented were: never get in the car with a stranger; don’t accept gifts or treats from strangers; never go anywhere with someone you don’t know; always stay where your parents can see you; don’t invite strangers into your home; don’t answer the door if your parents are not home; if someone makes you feel unsafe, tell your parents immediately; yell HELP if a stranger tries to convince you to go with them or do something you don’t want to do; and don’t be afraid to tell a stranger NO.  The nursing students also taught students that there are good strangers such as doctors, nurses, bus drivers, teachers, firefighters, police officers, etc. Bleckley Pre-K appreciates Ms. Sanders, Ms. Bryant and Ms. Turnell helping teach students ways to stay safe and encourages all parents to reinforce stranger danger tips at home.

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